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Greece-to-Croatia 2022 ADVtouring Routes sought

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Maybe there's someone here with some tips or experiences of the Peloponnese, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo etc.

Not the tourist stuff, coast and islands etc, but mainly the backcountry and Greek "Alps".

This 3-week caper was originally planned for 2020 (dooh)...2021 (doooh!) and now postponed to Sept/ Oct 2022

Small group, fly into + start in Athens on a bunch of well setup and serviced DR650s/DRZ400s rentals trucked from a known contact in Zagreb/ Croatia....

Ride the Greek northern mountains and National Parks of the Balkans with some emphasis on historic stuff and food/ drink/ scenery/ local folks and customs/ markets etc

Looking for routes and places, points of interest, up to 1/2 day  hikes and back-country attractions etc.

The first part is roughly a 9-day expanded version of the Greek ACT-route https://www.adventurecountrytracks.com/act-greece/

by adding a bunch of historical sites, a 2-day  stay with a local family in the mountains south of Patras and more dirt + gravel of the High Country.

I'm looking for places and routes from around Ioanina/Greece into southern Macedonia's lake district Lake Prespa/ Lake Ohrid to the Mavrovo National Park.
Eastern Albania along the Drin River Gorge into the Valbona NP/ Theth etc. and Montenegro's Backcountry / Northeastern NP's into Serbia/ Croatia somewhere.

Mixed surface ADVriding, no Hard-Enduro, no main roads, no tourist hives.

Drop off bikes in Zagreb 3 weeks later and fly back to AUS/NZ via the Middle East.



Finally dug up some pretty decent 1:200.000 maps from a tiny publisher in Athens some months ago.










Sure... lots of TT fluff here, but also some exceptional shots and filming.  (English and subtitles), 65mins





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7 hours ago, Grasshopper's Ride said:

Wow, all of a sudden I feel so small sitting in my hole in the world.

Sounds like an amazing trip, sorry I can not offer up any information, I'll just sit here and watch you be awesome. :littleguy:

No Way Applause GIF by Uber Eats

back to riding the himalayan 👍

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