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Camera test, I shit you not

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Well the snow actually went away a few days ago and this sprung up on the lawn so I thought I would give the camera a whirl.

Flowers are always nice....but I'm ready to head here as soon as the weather improves....only a short 50 miles away.

We have nice flowers here too!

Posted Images

Buck's first pic a Crocus? Well that's a surprise. The man has a gentle side after all. Maybe if I reach out with a local Bumble Bee orchid we could elicit more from him.



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32 minutes ago, Tym said:

Good, mums mother is from Aberdeen and would like some current pics of Scotland thank you in advance! :wave:

So you got both Scottish and Irish DNA then Tym?

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45 minutes ago, XTreme said:

I hate to bring this aspect up......but what about English DNA?

the grudge horror GIF

Never say never, one would look for a certain amount of air and pretense first. I think you have to be a good speller too.


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On 21/02/2021 at 18:07, Grasshopper's Ride said:

Dudes posting flower pics.... 

NOW, this is a lovely change, and it all started with @Buckster

I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.... :littleguy:. More please!!!!

Well Done Applause GIF by MOODMAN

Some might be surprised by the number of wild orchids native to Britain there are and the stangest places you find them. There is a tiny spit of land that forms a half acre of salt march at the end where you will find several species but rare as hens teeth anywhere else


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