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  1. That is what I thought to, then things just got out of control! Go figure around here!
  2. Sofia looks way cooler then some weird Canadian hick chick that never goes anywhere. So feel free to use her photos instead. I get it! I can wait, whatever you think works best for the forum.
  3. Good job @boboneleg You get the gold star today for following thread guidelines.
  4. Well I think it is a great idea.....but you know... So @XTreme you say "come up with", should I look through my current photos, or do something new? I already have some good pics, just saying. I would think Bagheera would be better to start with as it is a bit more what people expect to see when you say "adventure" bike. Let me know if anyone has any thoughts, well, maybe let me know if they are nice, clean thoughts....lol
  5. NO BOB!! This thread is for farkles for your bikes NOT for your love den!
  6. Maybe not faster, but otherwise.....damn, looking good!
  7. I was starting to like you, now I have these visions and they are not nice in my head....tell them to go away
  8. You know, you almost me had me on that one, I was close to having no response to that question, but then..... Firstly, as a lady I never kiss and tell Secondly, in Canada doing "it" as you all refer to "it", in cars is for casuals....all that protection and safety, bah I say Until you have done "it" on a snowmobile in a snowstorm, you are not a real man. You keep that little worm going in those conditions and I'll buy you a beer. Just for the record, I don't play with unsightly things
  9. Charlotte's first farkle arrived today, all the way from France. I know that's not fancy to most of you, but to a simple Canadian, that's kind of cool. I think this little windshield will just finish off her front end very nicely.
  10. Never get rid of a Belstaff, such nice jackets.
  11. I have to say @Tym, you have outdone yourself this time. Way to bring quality to the group!
  12. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Who knew, nice shots @Sir Fallsalot Do you have many hidden talents? That photo of the bull is awesome!
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