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  1. My muff has never felt so breezed.
  2. Probably around 100 and something not very much. I tend to fill at the first station I see after the big blocks have vanished from the gauge. Half the reason for getting the floor rack was to have somewhere for a petrol can for the Scotland trip.
  3. I worked in Sutton Coldfield for a bit - but we lived in Erdington. I never want to go back unless I'm passing through to a better place like Shropshire or Herefordshire.
  4. 70-84mph on the fast roads, it can do a job. Being forced onto the M5, I remembered the last time I rode that section was on the XT, and that was utter hell to do 285 miles to Devon on. As beaten up as I feel now, it pales compared to what the XT would take out of me on full day rides. The GTS is more like my GPz305, you can do the trip but it is more arduous than a proper tourer.
  5. Riding up to Scotland on it in June to do the NC500. After today I'm kinda wishing I was going on the Tiger though - I really feel every single mile travelled atm
  6. It is Saturday. It is 7am. Thanks to Covid, 7am on a Saturday had become a dim memory. Thanks to the corrupt bunch in parliament, I was now able to join the Vespa Club of Britain’s Six Counties Tour. One checkpoint sign-in in Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, West Mids and Staffordshire. Visit in any direction, any order, and collect a sticker at each one. Do all 6 and get a patch. Can’t say I’m fussed about stickers and patches – but I do like a good reason to ride roads I’ve not been on before. With no dedicated sat-nav, I spent Friday nursing my post-birthday hangover and
  7. And wtf do you do an hour later when that booze has gone? No rum, no tequila, just three hour's worth of alcohol? It's almost like you aren't a proper seafarer.
  8. And I'm not even going to mention that the forum is run by a gimp that can't ensure the thread autoupdates after a post, resulting in dupes.
  9. Erm - bullshit. Two of the single best ride reports you've ever had can from the best poster on the forum...voted Poster of the Month 3 times by me.
  10. The seventh wasn’t that bad either
  11. I've got no problems admitting my age, call it 97 then.
  12. Nope. Today. Ride - breakfast - presents - pub. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk about birthdays.
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