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  1. Sofia

    Pedro's food

    dont put yourself down so much!! It will be good! We cant all be great at everything, my picture quality is not amazing, but I cook really great food!!!
  2. Sofia

    Pedro's food

    have you seen @Pedro food pictures?! or any other type of picture for that matter, talented he is!!
  3. Ironbridge is a really special place. And around Telford so many nice villages. Great report!!! Scooter is gorgeous and that place to put the coffee cup, ace!!
  4. Sofia

    Pedro's food

    Hummus, vegetarian Paella and some greens. Terrible picture because @Pedro was not there... He was very much missed! Not just to take the picture, also to share a good glass ( or bottle!) of wine, good convertation and his compliments at the end!
  5. I had plenty of tears. A person I have admired for many years and will always admire.
  6. Prince Philip was a motorcyclist, so I found this week. Shoulnd surprise us that was the case, he was passionate about anything motorised. Its a mark of who he was that he could have chosen any vehicle to carry his coffin and he chose the Defender, the no fuss, no messing, just simply working vehicle from farmers to Marines. I have always been a great fan of Prince Philip, from his humour to his dedication to everything he did. Coming from a broken family myself, with many ups and downs, total unpredictability and tough love, I related to the hardening of a childs spirit into the "
  7. Why is there a female riding day? Whats that about? Is there a male day? A human being day? A dog day? A cat day? Just motorcyclist day should be enough, because motorcyclist is not man or woman, its just motorcyclist! Just be!
  8. This bike IS a pleasure without the guilt. I have ridden the XC and the XE. Actually prefered the taller version. ( I might put a video on of the day, my friend Barbara came from the UK for a visit so I got a Scrambler for 2 days and she rode the Speed Triple, that she prefered to her Monster S4R. Not sure, we talk non stop, will bore you to death!!! ) It is a joy to ride, does not feel like a 1200cc engine and is very nimble. The noise is great and its, to me at least, kind of funny to seat SO high!! Of course on the motorway, at 90mph it was like being a window cleaner working on
  9. not enought !!! Love these pictures... Love those roads and the villages. Miss the UK!
  10. try a BMW with a ZF8 gear box, you will love automatic!!
  11. ok, I grew up in the army, my father is 6th generation army officer. First time I was in a Tank, Abrams M1A1, I was 5 ( in the USA actually, Fort knox) and my Grand Father collected guns, he had 40 that I used to help clean... So I have zero fasciantion with guns and they should be left to the professionals. Saying that, if that's the local tradition, I don't dispute it! The same way I would say to a Swedish man in a sauna to put some cloths on!! Although that's less dangerous then a bunch of people drinking and carrying guns... What ever makes you happy, I will enjoy the dinner and I w
  12. good reasoning, cannot fault it!
  13. I like you!!! but in fairness I can be too much, even writing. But @Pedro has an amazing humour and I suspect what he meant was one cannot be a noisy lion!!!!
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