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  1. i think they work perfectly well on the wrong side of the road, being a bike and all
  2. Not sure what my day will be like today, but i know Bruce will be celebrating his 75th birthday! Happy birthday, crazy ol coot!!! @Bruce
  3. ah, so. i've only owned a 16' Glastron ski boat. didnt have to do more than register it with the state. Did take a Power Squadron boating course.
  4. Rules? I havent really slowed down any riding, been at work continously. Meals are sometimes a challenge, having used delivery services when things were extreme and no eating inside or outside of restaurants. Work allows you to work from home, if you desire. Our only rule is use some frigging common sense. If you feel bad, dont come in until tested. We've had people at work (<5) that were either exposed, or caught it. None of them have passed it on to fellow employees. What i enjoy the most is watching how internal meetings became ZOOM affairs, yet those most worried about s
  5. Supposedly, your peeps speak English. but, i tried and cant figure out what the RCD and CE laws are
  6. was hoping you would be coming to the rescue. how long to get that bike, i mean boat over to Baja?
  7. fo sho. should be tons of pics. given this is AGALOS in BAJA, the stories will be "interesting"!!
  8. easy money. she ALWAYS throws me (or,so i claim. cant be lack of riding talent) I bought her some new shoes, so she is just fine Stay tuned for an upcoming Baja ride - up to about 17 bikes now. Lot of first timers going.......
  9. well our 3 days of winter in SoCal have passed and we got out for a run up the best, closest motorcycle road - Hwy 33. picked the best bikes to do it on, too.
  10. yep, north route has some good tarmac! Road thru Gateway is Butler gold route. Panguitch route is one of my favorite paved routes, too!
  11. You liked those boats, dinnit ya?
  12. Electric. Great sounds from it!
  13. Another weekend, another try at distancing. Headed out to Joshua Tree area where a friend has 20 acres of..., well gravel, sand and shrubs. He has brought in a container which contains some necessities. The highlight of the weekend was the music! Will upload the video and post a link. Lunch stop in the middle of the desert. You can probably guess the political leanings of the owners. First, for being open for outdoor eating ahead of the official relaxation of restrictions. A rare sight in Cali. Not the gas prices, but the snow on the mountain
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