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  1. I'm the oldest of 3 boys.... & by the grace of God, we were blessed with great parents...who are still together, alive & kicking. I can't say enough good things about my brothers. The old man did a great job teaching us how to Ride & Ski....can't thank him enough for that. My youngest bro was the golden boy....Mom & Dad sent him to private school during his high school years....which paid off well. They moved 3 yrs. ago to MN...just so they could be near him & his family which are associated w/ the healthcare industry. My middle brother & I see eye to eye on alot thin
  2. Man, I sure don't miss that aspect of drafting in someone else's office..... I've got 2 bootleg'd versions of AutoCad on my dinosaur of a PC machine......amazingly it just keeps working. Smartest thing I did was isolate that machine...NO internet, Drawing & storage only.
  3. Started snowing here yet again..... forecasted 5-12" in the next 2 days....
  4. Mt. Harris which I can see from my place.... near the north end of the Grand Ronde valley.
  5. Yes sir....it is. I take my dog for walks to there all the time....about a 1/4 mile away.
  6. I was thinking the exact same thing today!
  7. I heard it was named after a ship back east somewhere.... I am.....working on a permit set of dwg's for the construction company that re-roofed my house when I moved in. They're doing an office upgrade....which I've got a fair amount of experience with...
  8. When "It" starts, 2-Wheels is by far a better venue.....plenty of room (once you find that spot)... Funny story: My wife & I were out for spin once up the Clackamas river on my XJ750....we stopped @ McIver park & found a spot to engage in "It". Just as we finished, we heard some people nearby about to cross the creek we were near... I'm pulling up my leathers & see @ least a dozen people wondering what's going on....funny thing is that ONLY 1 of them could actually see!...Pack of blind people with a chaperone!
  9. Hell NO!! .... You just assumed it....& you know what happens when you assume? You make an ASS outta U & Me! The ONLY dancing I do is on my SKI's!
  10. My neighbors touring through some of the trees in my front yard....
  11. I call that nothin' but BullSh*t Pete..... you won't EVER catch me line dancing w/ my screwed up feet...
  12. I'm workin' on that mate.....got a LH throttle which I plan to use on this little beast...
  13. 5/8 of an acre Pete.... on top of the only hill on the south side of Elgin.... about 25-30ft. above the rest of the neighborhood....
  14. Beautiful day here in Elgin.....after yet another bout of the white stuff last night.... The view from my backyard....
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