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  1. they don't seem to us e doppler much here, preferring satelite images. I found this, which is shite
  2. full of (k)nits constantly needling each other ...
  3. the RNLI ( UK Lifeboats) on the south coast used to say something similar about the french SNSM ( French Lifeboats)
  4. like I said Bob, I read it somewhere... can't remember where but probably on tinternet so not a relieble source by any stretch
  5. clear skies here, not very warm though
  6. yeah, for the moment. I read somewhere thet in the UK you can be fined 3000£ for leaving the country ( or returning?) but that tourists from other countries could come and go from the UK as they please.... WTF ? similar story from Spain?
  7. or getting ome shots of him out on his bike will mean he's been testing acid.... fukmine, imagine Buck on acid
  8. looks like sweet F A this weekend, still restricted to a 10km radius, kids at home and Madame is working all weekend. Can I be arsed to start the "nd pair of shutters for the front of the house? The suspense is killing me...
  9. The trans sibierien, Vladivostok - Moscow has been my dream trip since I was about 6. originally wanted to do the train ride but once I got riding I've wanted to do it by bike. The dream is not dead, but it gets a litle less likely with each passing season and then I came across some aussi dude who rode it as part of Sydney to London, alone, at 70 something and the lights go back on... more realistically, I have a fully planned route for a trip visiting all the capital cities of the schengen area. 21 cities 30 days 10900km +/- 3500€ budget 'soon as I can
  10. got the first pair of shutters finished and fitted today, "nd aet should go a bit quicker
  11. Oh, it's a cup holder! I have the same on mine but have always used it as an ash tray...
  12. I think that if it was likely to cost 30€ there would be less trouble...
  13. MooN

    Old sayings.

    "raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock"
  14. You'll be impressed to hear that I have done sweet F.A. today. slapped a coat of varnish on the other side of the shutters so I can put them back together tomorrow. went for a stroll with the kids and took the bottles to the bottle bank. Ho Hum...already bored with Lockdown 3
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