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  1. I liked the old fellows ability to put his foot in it, which is prob what happened with the "babies colour" scandal. Certainly learned a lot more about him. R.I.P. Sir.
  2. I'm in no hurry for these tyres, I want to see if a uk supplier has them in stock and buy from them, not find out later they have no tyres to sell but still list them as available. Most sites don't tell you this. Only one I've found is round and black but they don't mention the rear size I want. M & P, had orders with in the past and haven't had any probs but even their site has no mention of stock. Just gone on to Black circles, Go through the ordering and message say delivered on the 20th April. Lets see shall we?
  3. Got in contact via live chat Friday. Tyres were "still in France". Didn't know they were coming from Europe. Why can't they tell you they're not in stock rather than string you along. Told them to cancel the order. I'll find some later hopefully already in the UK.
  4. That's sad. Looks like something English heritage or National trust should be looking at.
  5. In tune with your body, top marks.
  6. Fantastic report Thanks. Alway great to see other peoples corner. You guys have far too much time and play area, very jealous.
  7. Going back to Bucks post, we had a great time in Edinburgh. People, things to see and we went when the tattoo was on. We'll def go back again without the rain hopefully.
  8. Kin eck a photo. @XTreme what's this "dodging the bullet" you keep mentioning? Did something bad happen when you left?
  9. No dream rides as we've been around parts of Europe and lots of Britain, think Wales is in for a look later in the year.
  10. I have had tyres from there before with a few days turn around. I'm now looking into them, although they have a base in Oxford I think it's nothing more than that. Warehouse elsewhere, Germany. Blame brexit.
  11. I wouldn't have either one anyway but for me, I have to turn the bikes in the back garden and get them in the sheds. Not the most uneven or smallest but this is where I struggle. I still consider myself reasonably fit a strong but for this reason is why I trader the XT1200. If honest Mandis cbf1000 is the bike that's gives me the hardest time and I did drop the previous one. Heavy, low with narrow bars but she's loves the bloody thing.
  12. Ordered Saturday, had an email today saying the front should be here on the 21st with no news on the rear. Moto-tyres.co.uk. Won't be ordering from there again. Obviously no stock.
  13. No thanks. Just look at the weight of the them. The beemer looked the better to me till I noticed the price.
  14. Some great riding to be had there. Thanks for giving us a look.
  15. Cheers Yen, reminded me we ain't been to Lavenham for a good while. Mandi and me would often end up coming through there, normally stop to get a drink from the little co-op.
  16. Didn't notice the smear of something on the lense when I took them.
  17. Going back to condition of roads, when me and Mandi came back through Germany we thought the roads were excellent. Till we entered Belgium. Much worse than what we had here, we had so slow down in places to avoid the holes. I gather it's much better there now.
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