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  1. Bull: look at my girl's udders again and I'll give you two new arseholes.
  2. Porth Wen. Before the 1st WW they dredged this bay of a particular clay that was used in "fire bricks" used in the chimneys of Fred Dibnar fame. They used to bake and fire them there and load them onto small boats from that harbour. Chances are I'll be taking you and your Mrs there as it provides good anchorage against the prevailing winds and is a pleasant bay to overnight in. Some lovely walks and beaches plus a bit of water towing sports to be found here all while in relative seclusion. https://www.anglesey-hidden-gem.com/porth-wen-brick-works.html https://www.google.com/search?sx
  3. Every lady front should have a petite windshield to show off her front end nicely I'm sure all the lads here agree.
  4. Nice!! No shots of dirty beaks, mud puddles nothing. This gets the Moocho Mucho Seal of Approval. That shower did you good!
  5. The sea is nature right? A few of us communing with the sea
  6. If you want more dolly we're gonna need a bigger boat with staffed cew. No end to delectable dolly to be had then. Pass the cap around and dig deep fellas. Real deep. Otherwise with your age and looks you have no chance. None whatsoever. It's a cruel world.
  7. Thanks. I'm nekkid, just come up for air, c ya tomorrow!
  8. Recreational Craft Directive and Conformité Européenne. The RCD is an very comprehensive build standard. You cannot buy, sell or use a boat in Europe without it these days. Think along the lines of Civil Aviation Authority. Bit like houses. If it doesn't meet standards and inspection they tear it down.
  9. Bruce

    riding gear

    Where the feck did you get that from? Build your own teddy store?
  10. Dont tempt me. If it wasn't for stupid RCD and CE laws I'd already be over there looking at passage making trawlers and doing a maiden round the Loop. But... Oh no sir, cant have that! Yanks dont comply with our directives. Will have to settle for a Taiwanese made affair. But first I will have to rent out my body to raise the extra capital.
  11. Better get some vids of the carnage too then. Who is holding the bail money?
  12. Are we going to get a full report this time?
  13. Now that will get Prickles approval. She'll be PMing you for a cutting
  14. Some might be surprised by the number of wild orchids native to Britain there are and the stangest places you find them. There is a tiny spit of land that forms a half acre of salt march at the end where you will find several species but rare as hens teeth anywhere else
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