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  1. Yep, send me your bank details, sort code and your PIN and I think we have a deal
  2. ......no, that is ticking away quickly!, Too quickly at times.
  3. Will still rely on TV subtitles, wife doesn't have them!
  4. Yeh, very little improvement, the gal spent ages programming the 2 of them, can hear the clock tick, but speech reception is not good at all, just sounds like mmmmumblemmmmmmuble.
  5. Easy, it like riding a.....a.....er.......bike
  6. Nope, can't hear fuck all, on the test, nothing under 100db!...........Welsh, with a Spanish lilt.
  7. May try tomorrow, when I have my ear trumpets.
  8. Never heard of him........no subtitles, so don't know what he on about.
  9. Do you not send @Bruce a card every year?........bet he's gutted you forgot.
  10. I got "Are you insane" & "Signing off".....the bit in-between was like a incoherent PM to self.......one from someone else would be a waste of time!.
  11. Yes, if the parts are bought in by a supplier then import duty will be added, but if I ordered something from say Germany direct to my address, then when it arrived I would (from what I have read) be asked to pay import duty & possibly courier charges.........Good job that the Triumph factory is just down the M1
  12. I have never ever ordered stuff from Europe, doubt that I ever will, get whatever I need from UK supplier.
  13. Tenmil Soket (mechanic) & his customer, Hans Greese Free (German obviously)
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