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  1. Smokey doesn’t care if you’re on two wheels, four, or eighteen!
  2. Turns out I didn’t ride at all, my dad got the vaccine on friday and has been feeling shit since, so I took pity on Costa and we went for a walk instead. Today as well. now finishing breakfast and not feeling like bothering with sunday traffic in the least
  3. If there’s one thing you can count on Pete is that his bike won’t fall into water! I love those skies, very cool!
  4. Pedro


    I like that, looked cold though
  5. I liked that a lot, that's a pretty scooter. What's the fuel range on it when on the open road, then?
  6. Just planned a 5 or 6 hour ride for tomorrow with blue skies outside, and now people are talking about bad weather....
  7. I will mostly be being a casual, I think Having said that, the weather has been so nice I am almost guilty I haven't been riding, stuff just has been getting in the way. I might take a couple of hours ride to a hilltop and grab a snack on my own. Might take a picture too, and post it in the "your day today" thread
  8. Was quite productive today, went on a stroll with my dog in the morning, visited a client in the afternoon, and went shopping mostly for vegetables and wine
  9. A prime chance to try google maps in search of some of those great gravel roads.
  10. Don't conform to dates, celebrate whenever!
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