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  1. There is another one which is much smaller but this one was built more recently
  2. No mate, Puerto de Mazarrón which is about 15 mins by car from our house.
  3. Had a day out with the missus today. No bikes involved but plenty of quality time eating, drinking and laughing. Needed that. Good to see that the pirates were in town ......
  4. I like that KLR mate, it looks proper useful unlike most other adventure bikes nowadays. I had one in the late nineties that I used to commute to work. Great workhorse and completely bulletproof even in my clumsy hands
  5. I do now regret having the gender realignment because I used to be a hot chick myself
  6. ...... I feel like I’ve disappointed a dear old relative now
  7. That’s what started all this unrest
  8. I can provide a translation if required.
  9. I like your style Pete , mind you I’m also tempted to report him to Facebook......because I can and that’ll piss him off
  10. A couple of shots from a ride out on Sunday with some of the other old farts from around here. Terrible I know but I couldn’t be arsed with a ride report. Must make more of an effort next time.
  11. As some may know I’m not on speaking terms with my neighbour. It’s not because he wears shorts even when it’s freezing cold, or that he’s over 50 and still puts gel in his hair. It’s because he’s a complete prick. Anyway, my day today included getting a friends request from him on Facebook . I’m guessing someone has hacked his account because I don’t think even he’s thick enough to send me a genuine one. I could have a lot of fun with this cunt so what’s the consensus of opinion on what I should do?
  12. I’ve no idea what all the previous forums were like that you all talk about. All I know is that this forum is like a breath of fresh air compared to most of the other over-sanitised forums. I mean, where else can you refer to someone as a cnut and get a round of applause? Keep up the good work Pete........................... ........... you cnut
  13. Ha ha it’s amazing what you can do with editing software. This is me in reality
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