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  1. I've googled that now. The ship was named after Lord Elgin's wife. Lord Elgin was the bloke who, apart being governor of Canada and destroying large parts of Peking to shame the emperor, nabbed the Elgin Marbles which the whole world wants given back to Greece and which the British Museum are hanging on to at all costs.
  2. I did a bit of googling and Elgin is also a tune as well apparently, played by scottish settlers in USA who love to be homesick, it's their main hobby whilst avoiding going to Scotland. We've got our CAD licence renewals due on the 19th March. I refused to do them this year after sorting it out for the last 17 years, plus lots of extra finance hoops to jump through and I was told to forward all details on to others to sort, this was back in October. Guess what my first phone call was this morning, mass panic because no one has done it. My boss is in a lather because no work will get done
  3. Named after our infamous Lord Elgin??? Are you still CADing?
  4. Makes me drive the car too quickly sometimes as well. Also by the time I have learnt the correct order to sing the chorus in the song is nearly finished.
  5. When my son was a very small baby, the childminder commented one day when I was collecting him that he had been screeching/humming the chorus to a song all day and she had only just realised what it was. And it was this.
  6. I'll let you know, I have something coming from Poland. 3D printed handguard extenders.
  7. I've been to Stepney and Wapping today. Asked for a pallet to be sawn on two, need it for something to do with my bike ramp and I collected the first half today. Will get the other bit when I next go in to work. It's a lot heavier than I was expecting. If asked by anyone why it was on the back I was going to twist round and shout, 'Some bastard's stolen the bricks I had on that!!!'
  8. That bridge is a work of art.
  9. I think I had a loan to buy a bike from them once.
  10. Just had an email from across the pond apologising and offering to Fedex a replacement bolt today. I can't argue with the speed of response seeing as I only emailed on Saturday afternoon.
  11. It was my name not his company name, memory playing tricks, but it was 30 years ago. Sorry about the shine on the paper.
  12. Only on ones like that which have elevations rather than plan views. My Petticoat Lane market cross section drawing of a trapped road gulley has about 15 coat hangers wedged in it, because that is what the traders do with them rather than take them home, I think i may have put some hyperdermics in there as well, as the drug users get rid of them that way. When we were still drawing by hand on tracing paper I had a punk rocker with a mohawk walking across the road with a large stereo on his shoulder. I also did a proper non technical drawing to show my proposals for a market square many m
  13. You can usually identify one of my work drawings by the turd I always place in it somewhere, it is my signature. Below is one of my drawings followed by a zoom in to each side. I have a turd block, that is to say it was drawn years ago and sits in a library of my stuff and is inserted into any drawing I work on.
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