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  1. The country is full of abandoned shit Keith......it's paradise for Dark Motorcycling!
  2. Just went out to do a few miles because the weather looks like it's going to be a complete wipeout over the next few weeks. So there I was......wobbling along some rural backroad in Dagosville and I caught sight of something way back from the road. I'd never noticed it before.....and it appeared to be an abandoned industrial unit. The faded signs showed that it had previously been used for the manufacturing of plastics and metalwork! So in I went to check it out! So here it is......The Return of Dark Motorcycling!
  3. Nice shots Yen! But why do you insist on covering it in shit?
  4. Very nice Pedro......you've got better conditions than us!
  5. You can't even stand on your own two feet now by the looks of your videos!
  6. The Word on the Street is that Dark Motorcycling is back in 2021!
  7. You're right on the summary when you've got no siblings though......you learn to stand on your own too feet at an early age!
  8. Powerbronze do good stuff!
  9. Now about your next door neighbour Ray.........
  10. It's Live! Nice quote @Tym.......after @Mawsley pulled a no-show! https://www.facebook.com/petewebspain/
  11. Bruce's CV is a blank sheet of paper apart from a photo of his ass!
  12. We want fast attention-catching clickbait......not the Gettyburg Address Bruce!
  13. Now that's a good one Tym! @Mawsley.......watch and learn!
  14. I won't be able to get a better pic this weekend.....grey skies again today!
  15. The human spell checker would be giving you a lecture by now!
  16. And here's the punchline.....it started off with somebody complaining the board was too quiet! You can't make this shit up can you?
  17. Hi Simon.....good to see you!
  18. I just heard that apparently me and @Six30 were trying to compete with each other on who could be the biggest twat on another forum! I had no idea there was an actual competition going on........did you Six? If I'd known I would have tried a bit harder! And apparently the knives went in after some people complained that we were filling the board with shit.
  19. Six can't take that much then?
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