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  1. Looks like my bars will be delivered Tuesday!
  2. I'll do you a deal Clive! Bung me half of what you bunged them......and I'll ignore you! Think of the money you're saving! Any other members up to ignoring Clive while trousering a few quid in the process?
  3. Great Pedro......keep those handy cos we can use something from Sofia after Michelle's promotion.
  4. @Mawsley didn't do any ride reports on another forum as I recall.......they just didn't get his sense of humour. Come to think of it I don't think they got anybody's sense of humour really. But they got dosh off @Clive........and then ignored him!
  5. No you weren't you pervert......you just wanted to get @Grasshopper's Ride's attention with your unsightly erection!
  6. No.....the smartest thing you did was get rid of that fucking stupid mullet Scott!
  7. Same here with the Madrid twats......but they're all locked in now.
  8. You go through and see which one you think would be best Michelle! Something inspirational being done by a strong woman type of thing!
  9. Working all day again to get a new site done.......not much left now. Want to try and have a clear weekend if I can!
  10. It goes without saying that they don't need to see your ass Bruce!
  11. @Grasshopper's Ride has recommended that we up our game a bit with the marketing and promotion on Facebutt. I'm just sticking a link in and that's it.....and we don't seem to be attracting much attention. So our resident strange woman recommended we personalise it more with shots of bikes....and if possible riders. So I thought let's start with her and market it towards the Ladies initially. Hopefully she can come up with some shots of her out on the bike to inspire other women to check us out. But we need some clickbait to go with it! And who better than our very own poo
  12. Fucking Peeping Tom!
  13. Nice one Pedro.....now pinned! I'm holding fire for my submission to see if I can get a decent one this weekend! @Mawsley.......get your Vespa in!
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