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  1. Yeah !! well he can fuck off back to London, we don't need those fuckers around here, all the house prices will shoot up
  2. Tearing off tights with my teeth........................... I wish I'd had the chance to do that, just to say that I'd done it
  3. OK, I'm an old bastard I saw him once in the 'Stardust Club' it was somewhere near Usk (I think) , he was bloody great, mind you I was young and extremely pissed
  4. But Dave Edmunds owned it , anyway who the fuck are Queen
  5. Fred, you need to come over here . I have a nice trail route up through the Cotswolds
  6. So on down some more gorgeous backroads and across this glorious common.................... Mr Pheasant wasn't too pleased by my arrival.............. I came across a handwriiten sign further down the road and went to investigate. Fawley Chapel, I can't really find out much about it but it looked old and the village only had about 4-5 houses including the farm............. I made my way down through the Forest of Dean but didn't stop to take any photos as it was rammed with mountain bikers and I spent most of my time trying to pass them.
  7. So today I decided to get over the bridge and invade Wales, well just slightly as I would be in and out of the border for this trip. It were a bit nippy when I left at 08.00 at 1C but the heated grips were on and at least it wasn't windy. Down the M4 and across the Severn Bridge and bypassed Chepstow and took the B4293 to Monmouth, fuckmine look at the shit on this road............ Passed through Monmouth and up past the Rockfield Studios where Dave Edmunds used to do his thing.................... Had a quick stop at Skenfrith Castle, sorry about t
  8. What am I missing ? I see a ginger twat barely in control of his bike with excessively gay tyres
  9. In the past I've used Tyreleader with great results. Although they are based in Andorra , the tyres were delivered within 5 days and at great prices. When you started this thread I went onto their website and was shocked at the prices and lead times for delivery. Feckin Brexit, what a great idea that was
  10. Well done Sofia, I cut short my rideout today to get back and watch the funeral. All done with such dignity , I must admit I nearly had a tear when he was 'piped ' aboard.
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