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  1. Specs

    Yo! Moon!

    Bike theft there is probably worse. I'd think twice about parking up there.
  2. When I can get bothered to do it. About twice a year, maybe.
  3. Same here. Otherwise it's a garage full of bikes. One for roads. One for off road. One for touring. One for posing etc.
  4. The recommended alternative for sensitive skin is Fairy.
  5. I just bribe my niece now and again.
  6. Happened at home years ago, and occasionally on the ship because the laundrymen hadn’t rinsed clothes thoroughly.
  7. Yes. Changed the powder and washed all the clothes in some other stuff, and it cleared up. I believe that it was Daz,
  8. The washing powder - dhobie dust.
  9. I ordered decent weather but it must have got lost in the post.
  10. Auschwitz and Oradour-sur-Glane probably two of the most moving places that I’ve ever visited.
  11. Sounds like dhobie rash. Happened to me once hen the manufacturer changed the formula. New, improved or some such shit. Changed to another brand and it all settled down.
  12. No. It wasn’t part of the plan. I was on my way home from Nordkapp, September and hotels were really cheap. Always bloody raining though until I got down towards Lithuania. In fact it was the same most of the way to Auschwitz except for a couple of afternoons.
  13. Near Misso, Estonia at the Russian border. Grim weather.
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