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  1. Looks great and shit as it is as least they give you an area with a perimeter. We’ve had to ‘stay local’ which means only a few miles from home. Even Boris got a pasting for leisure cycling 7 miles as many deemed that too far! And as you say it is beautiful where you are
  2. Some epic riding stuff in these reports. The colour of those school buildings are fantastic and that was a great bit of youtube of the goats moving about in the tree. I suppose we’re just not used to seeing cattle in trees, may as well have been an episode of the magic roundabout with cows up there! We have a lot of wild goats in Cheddar George and when they’re clinging to the rock face on the road above you you can’t help but feel wary ones about to ping off! Here’s a of one of them looming over the road below and one silly billy that simply went to far. They climb trees too.
  3. I wouldn’t like to imagine how slippery that shiny tarmac is when it’s raining and did that lorry have enough bales precariously balanced?!
  4. Great pic of a Grasshopper, you’re right it doesn’t look real! Hope Cappuccino is still there for a visit when I get there although I’m guessing Morocco food labelling laws are non existent and it’s a Coeliacs nightmare Looks like you had a blast regardless
  5. Kinda going a bit Cornish now aren’t you? Somerset traitor......
  6. @Sofia I have but you’re gonna need to lower your standards waaaaay lower than your very lowest standard for me to post Tell you what, next time I take a half decent food pic I’ll put it here. Don’t hold your breath that could be some time
  7. You may need to lower your standards of what constitutes a terrible picture or I might not be able to contribute to this forum
  8. Fuckin’ ay I used to have a very old mini that would complain over 40mph. Used to have to do the Hogs back in Surrey daily in it which it just couldn’t cope with so my Ma n Da let me have one of their cars. I got on the Hogs back and WOOHOOO IM A SPEEEEED KING Sang it everyday for weeks until I noticed I was doing 55mph in a Nissan micra
  9. Superb ride report. I guess your vagina was fully aired after that long on a scooter?
  10. Aaah Faithless. Was 1990summink and I for some unknown reason couldn’t sleep hmm can’t remember why and someone played ‘Insomina’ I was hooked from then on. I used to worry, thought I was going mad in a hurry Gettin' stressed, makin' excess mess in darkness No electricity, something's all over me, greasy Insomnia, please release me and let me dream Of makin' mad love to my girl on the heath Tearin' off tights with my teeth
  11. Yer definitely sounds like “another world within our world” and one for the list
  12. Well that was a cliffhanger. Boom boom. I’ll get mi coat.
  13. I’m surprised it wasnt handed over to them but its probably a bit far gone for their budget now. Just had a look on ‘28 days later’ and its no longer salvageable. Floors have fallen though and its thoroughly rotten. Shame to let a beautiful grade II listed building end up that way. If anyone likes abandoned places 28 days later has some good ones on there. Is there a 28 days later type of website for Spain?
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