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  1. Tym

    Is winter over?

    I can only imagine the hell a Portugese winter is, then there is the food.
  2. I see the problem @Swagman, @Grasshopper's Ride ride inserted her idears into an unsecured location prone to error codes, this 404 message was brought to you by, Spandex.... Not my fault your search history, over. Bot feature 919 mode off.
  3. I was going to reply to @Grasshopper's Ride when i realized her post was already pages back..now i forgot what i was going to post.
  4. Isnt that how we got Bruce?
  5. This is why i never became a plumber or owned a pickup truck.
  6. I take it Marketing isnt on your CV Bruce.
  7. When you are born in Charleston SC, flirting is a lifestyle, we do it for fun, practice, or just because we might be bored.
  8. "Waiting for the boys to catch up at Aventure Motorcycles Dot aNette!"
  9. Rained all day, lit a fire, ground up some chuck, made burgers. End of report. Urp.
  10. Attack from the rear where they are the weakest, even if they have mirrors the vibs from Americas Heartbeat blurrs them useless.
  11. I had a weird family, my mother and father were great people, stayed together until the end, took great care of their children. All my firends had one mother 3 fathers and God knows who cared for them in life, usually their dogs thats it.
  12. Dont matter, i get to play with it and it drives the chicks wild.
  13. Clive and Buckster, sitting in a tree, trying to take pictures of you and me...
  14. We were raised in the military, all we had was each other, made a nice gang we did.
  15. Seems "some" dont know the "rules" of ownership, maybe because they dint have brothers, i dont know. The rules are simple. The youngest brother is there for hand me downs, doent mean you stop calling them the name of the brother who bought the chit. Butt they are yours, to do as you please, take this watch for example, its my oldest brothers, as soon as i need crack or a hoe, i get to sell it. For about 4 grand you see hand me downs are very profitable, cause now i have a Tomos too. According to Pedro's rules my first steet legal motorcycle wasnt mine either.
  16. I just assumed everybody.
  17. She'd win hands down over your GS anyday... moon gif!
  18. Id love to come charging down those road blocks in this thing.
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