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  1. All my snow is gone all of a sudden.
  2. GoldBond™ would love his rash for adverts.
  3. Can we kidnap people and tie them to keyboards to make them post?
  4. I like things from france, like maids outfits, they do those really well!
  5. Some would say Master Baiter.
  6. Beers on me, the govt just gave me my first pension payment today. Officially old and in your face about it...lol
  7. Nice enough to be able to wash the saltNchit off the car, odd how thats good news.
  8. If Itchy Boots can ride around the world on a fricken rented mule of a bike, always a smile never complainning, How come you cant have a woman in the car for more then a few minutes before "it" starts. Dont ask, men know when womans "it's" start. its like porn, we know it, When we see it.
  9. Drop me off on Lesbos and i;ll hold the fort down, water the dogs stuff like that!
  10. Scroll real fast and you-d think you;re at the circus.
  11. @Grasshopper's Ride shuts the boys up with a video of actual } riding {, well played.
  12. Great to hear from ya!
  13. We have nice flowers here too!
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