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  1. There isnt one fuckin ant alive around here today, eat my food will ya,pffft!
  2. I hate when that happens...cause my proterty taxes go up.
  3. I want to say "sir" now allot, ffs!
  4. Tym


    Some humans have way greater R-values than Other's...i get cold even when its kinda warm.
  5. CB's in cars are gay!
  6. Ya, did a review too!
  7. Tym


    Thats why we buy electrically heated kit. I used mine yesterday. The stuff works.
  8. StateSide™ you;d be shot for riding that close to criticle infrastructre like canals and dam's
  9. Fred kills another thread eh, sad.
  10. Stuff looks so old over there, even Bob, Bob looks as old as the hills too...when did everone get old around here? i thought we were younger types, oh that was another forum long ago, i must be waking up. I think i saw a castle!!!!!
  11. The writing held me at literal gunpoint i was so rivited by the travails of life on an northAnts located italian scooter. The pics were like icing on a wonderful bundt cake, seperating with sweetness the literary point of death the words conveyed. Here here. Bravo, if this was war, you;d get a medal.
  12. Tym


    Looks like pics from California.
  13. You walk worse than i do...lol
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