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  1. Little Cheeky-Beaky doing one of his "Oi!! u talkin to me, hombre, ehh??" spiels. Southern Coast, Australia Nature's folly (it's a weed!)... Upper Mavora Lake, South Island, New Zealand
  2. Looks like a late HD answer to the BMW 1200C cruiser of yesteryear.... If you don't know shit about the subject, don't waste your dosh, simples, aye? Needs LOTS more chrome, a springer-boinger frontend and some decent whitewall-knobbies, apehangers and Adventure-tassles
  3. Not in the colonies Wrenchers' Sat'days are still a regular thing. A Trumpy getting the front anchors juiced up A KLR for new cogs/ fresh chain and a doo-hickey checking sloppy wheel/ sprocket carrier bearings on a near-new Husky TR650 Lots of bull and laughter Big pot of chunky, home-made Minestrone and sourdough baguette for lunch
  4. That was just for lack of company...otherwise they'd be dead.
  5. Coming back after a 4-day hike/ climb in the Val Clemgia to a snowed-over bike. Pass da Costainas near Alp Champatsch/Alp Astras Tamangur, Switzerland, mid-August 1980. The tiny Honda dragged two ~6ft adults plus 2 full-sized backpacks/ ropes + full rock-climbing hardware / crampons/ tent/bags/pot+pans etc. down the steep, grassy slopes and alpine farm tracks back to Scuol. Only 9 months later it re-emerged from a camper-van in Melbourne/ Australia to spend the rest of its days on dusty Australian paddocks. Wish we'd never sold the little thing, every one of it's 50cc's was
  6. Some Euro-Alps nature... Col de Tende, Ligurian Ridge French-Italian border of the Mediterranean Alps Ortler-group of mountains, from Passo di Stelvio, Italy the "must-have" shot.... yes, rideable! Grand Muveran and Les Diablerets ranges for the background. Col de la Croix de Cœur, Wallis/ Valais Southern Switzerland The Roof of Europe Mont Blanc Massif The ski-hub of Verbier in the valley to the left Switzerland
  7. John Day Fossil Beds National Park, Oregon Past the tropic of Capricorn, Queensland, Oz Cape York run on a tiny 110cc....and 800km dirt and 4WD tracks from base. Australia's Northern Tip. Most probably one of my most stupid rides Bug, incoming Sunset over Del Norte, Rio Grande, Colorado Early morning at Punsand Bay, Australia's most northerly beach.. Papua New Guinea just ~100km beyond those islands
  8. In southern Spain? Maybe a good year for this CoVid thing then... Despite being one of the smallest states in Oz (~ same size as the UK), it's only beaten for vegetation/ greenery by Tasmania. Great spot to live...and a riding-Mekka.
  9. Can play Caribou Lake, Golden Road,near Mt. Katahdin, northern Appalachian Trail Around home, Victoria, AUS Mt. Mansfield, Vermont Kebler Pass, Colorado Wynyard Harbour, Tasmania North Coast, AUS Early morning dew in wild rice on Okuku Pass, South Island, New Zealand Passers-by, Walhalla, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
  10. Cheers It better be...it's late summer over here. Still gets a bit warm occasionally (35C last week)... early-out/ early-in is the go. Last ride of the better half on the KLR, too. Sold it a couple of days later.
  11. Munch an apple.... listen to the bell-birds... Not a single soul at Shiprock Falls...not a lot of water, either. It's still a delightful, little walk...ending in a crawl over the boulders. :thumbs:
  12. A quick 3hr. fling around the back of the Yarra Valley (Melbourne Eastern Outskirts) Monbulk goodness... C'mooon!!... Old Beenak Rd. now has a "No Thru" sign on the Yellingbo end....and it's NEVER been as smooth as what it is now!!W-) Beenak Rd. towards Kurth Kiln Regional Park The "sneaky" way into the Park Don't mind the heavy-duty gate at the end, just turn down Boundary Rd., skirting the perimeter of the Park. Shepherds Creek Rd....on a day like this, it'
  13. Thanks. Each time that map comes up there seems to be another bag of goodies to be found
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