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  1. The Pan America has been revealed in two versions, the base 1250 and the better-equipped 1250 Special. (Harley-Davidson/)We’ve waited more than a year for it, but Harley-Davidson’s long-buzzed-about Pan America is now out in the world, and we can finally get around to chatting about the details of H-D’s very first adventure bike. Our own Technical Editor Kevin Cameron assembled a hugely informative big picture First Look into the 2021 Harley Davidson Pan America 1250, so you may want to check that out before going any further. Otherwise, let’s look at the differences between the base-model 125
  2. Harley-Davidson’s Pan America 1250 is claimed to have 150 hp. (Harley-Davidson/)We’ve eyed the teaser shots of the Pan America 1250, and we’ve speculated as to what it is planned to accomplish. Now the lid is off, the 1250 adventure-tour bike’s specs are published, and the obviously proud and pleased engineers are talking about their work. The base-model Pan America will have an MSRP of $17,319, and the Pan America 1250 Special (with skidplate, centerstand, brush guards and other additional features) is $19,999. We are focusing on the Special because it is the technical top of the line by bein
  3. Most manufacturers will also trot out a custom version of new models to help sell the personalization possibilities. The first custom based on the revamped Indian Chief comes courtesy of Carey Hart. (Johnny Laney/)Indian Motorcycle just dropped its three totally redesigned 2022 Chief models, but certain insiders got their paws on the bike much sooner so that they could build a custom version based on the platform. The company may have officially taken the wraps off the Indian Chief, Indian Chief Bobber, and Indian Super Chief models this week but motocrosser and customizer Carey Hart was lucky
  4. The benefits of light weight and simplicity in racing motorcycles. (Robert Martin/)Walking down from the shop last night I was humming The Beach Boys’ 1963 hit “Little Deuce Coupe” when I became curious about the relative weights of that famous coupe and the Thunderbird mentioned in the song. A few keystrokes later and I’d found that the T-Bird outweighed the coupe by around 40 percent. No wonder that “When somethin’ comes up to me, he don’t even try…” As anyone who’s ever played around with rockets and other things that accelerate knows, the rate of acceleration is the thrust divided by the m
  5. Off-road chops make the Desert Sled a standout in the Ducati Scrambler line. (Oli Tennent/)The retrobike scene is as strong as ever, with pretty much every manufacturer from Triumph to Kawasaki digging up heritage stories and building classically styled bikes to match. But the best thing about the current wave of retrobikes is that the sacrifice in performance for style is becoming less and less pronounced. And while the Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled would be hard work to actually race across a desert, it does have some genuine off-road capability. The fully adjustable Kayaba fork and preload/
  6. IP filings from Europe show BMW working on a new safety bike design. (BMW/)Providing crash protection for riders is something that’s usually left to clothing and helmet makers but BMW has long been one of the few companies to explore how bike designs themselves could mitigate injuries from accidents. Whether it’s the C1 scooter from the turn of the millennium, the Simple and Clever three-wheeled concept duo from the mid-naughts, or the carbon fiber, roofed electric bike that we revealed in BMW’s own patents last year, the Bavarian firm has long been trying to find a way to keep riders safe in
  7. Did Valentino Rossi learn how to knock Marc Márquez down from Fast Freddie Spencer? Nick likes to think so. (MotoGP/)As told to Cycle World from an anonymous source: Before YCRS, Nick Ienatsch instructed at the Freddie Spencer school. During the three-day schools the students and instructors would slide around on Honda XR100s. Fun was had by almost all. One day, a young 125GP racer named Valentino Rossi arrived to say hi to Freddie and wandered out to the dirt track to watch the action. Freddie rode over to where Vale was standing and they talked, watching the riders circulate. Then Freddie dr
  8. Riding the 2021 GasGas EX 250F. (Mark Kariya/)After spending a day last December testing the 2021 GasGas MC 250F and MC 450F motocross bikes at San Bernardino, California’s Glen Helen Raceway for the final bike tests of the 2020 calendar year, GasGas sent us home with its new EX 250F. As the brand’s 250cc four-stroke cross-country motorcycle, the EX 250F is the base for the bike that Coastal GasGas Factory Racing’s Johnny Girroir will contest in the upcoming 2021 Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) series. We logged plenty of time on the EX 250F over the holiday break, learned a lot about its
  9. Nick Ienatsch lays out several methods on getting your tires up to temp with the help of industry experts. (Jeff Allen/)“Everyone knows we crash on cold tires, but riders continue to crash on cold tires.” That started last week’s study of how we’re falling off on cold tires; the underlying mistake in every scenario was our primary focus being somewhere other than our tire temperature. Last week’s examples revolved around track riding and racing, but I’ve seen cold-tire crashes several turns away from Newcomb’s Ranch and The Rock Store back in my California days, and cold-tire crashes as riders
  10. 2021 Honda Trail 125 (Honda/)Ups Spot-on throwback to the classic<br/> Lightweight, low seat height, and step-through design makes it approachable<br/> Welcomes all skill levels<br/> Exceptional fuel economyDowns Causes too many dreams of exploratory riding (but is that really a bad thing?)Verdict The Trail 125 invites adventure in a raw and simplistic way. No, it’s no tech-rich ADV, but it doesn’t skimp on the off-road fun factor. It’s ready to tackle the road or single-track trail if you are. 2021 Honda Trail 125 (Honda/)Overview From the ’60s to the ’80s, the Honda Trail
  11. Kevin Cameron has been writing about motorcycles for nearly 50 years, first for Cycle magazine and, since 1992, for <em>Cycle World</em>. (Robert Martin/)Back in the 1980s I wrote a TDC column (then in Cycle) titled “Sleeping in Vans.” It was about weekends spent roadracing at tracks within a few hundred miles of Boston. We drove to them overnight, leaving 11 p.m. Friday and arriving for sign-up and first practice the next morning. Whoever wasn’t driving slept in the right-hand seat, far short of a bed. Trust whoever’s driving not to doze off, as he will soon trust you. No heroics—
  12. The new Street Scrambler Sandstorm is rumored to be coming here for 2022, and it may look something like this. (Triumph Motorcycles/)Triumph is set to launch a new version of the 900cc Street Scrambler under the name “Sandstorm” later this year along with revisions to the base model and updates to the Street Twin that shares its engine. The bike’s existence has been betrayed by new documents published by the EPA and confirmed by type-approval details filed with authorities in Europe. The EPA filing shows that the Street Scrambler Sandstorm will be classed as a 2022 model, but the fact that it
  13. Not thinking about cold tires is one of the quickest ways to end your trackday early. (Courtesy of Michelin/)Everyone knows we crash on cold tires, but riders continue to crash on cold tires. My last crash (2013) was a cold tire—if you don’t count a stuck float coating the rear tire in Yamalube and 110-octane fuel—and most of my instructors’ last crashes were cold tires. And we’re supposed to be the professionals! I’m just back from Homestead Miami Speedway where we completed our first-ever ChampSchool and combined it with a trackday weekend put on by our friends at N2 Trackdays. We had a cold
  14. Kevin Cameron has been writing about motorcycles for nearly 50 years, first for Cycle magazine and, since 1992, for <em>Cycle World</em>. (Robert Martin/)Yesterday I wrote about a certain kind of rider, one who has grind marks on the fork caps of his very second-hand-looking daily driver. It was clear from some comments (which I’m always delighted to have) that a few readers found that obscure. The fork caps are the aluminum fittings screwed into the tops of the fork legs. They get grind marks on them when ardent riders push their learning process, crash with panache, and their tum
  15. Riders on air-cooled Harley-Davidson motorcycles line up for practice at Chuckwalla Valley Raceway. (Justin George/)Following the successful King of the Baggers Race last October, a new race series has just been announced: the Bagger Racing League. This past Monday, more than 100 Harley-Davidson and V-twin riders met at SoCal’s Chuckwalla Valley Raceway for a trackday, but this day at the races would prove to be only the beginning. Formed by many of the same teams that were behind the first race of its kind at Laguna Seca last fall, the Bagger Racing League will be a V-twin-centered series of
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