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  1. I have 1 brother a year younger than I and we have pretty much always got along albeit for the occasional fight so can't really says its been bad between us, we keep in regular contact
  2. Guess he's gotta have somewhere to store his picnic
  3. Are you thinking about having an off then?
  4. Where bouts are you yen? Ferneaux Pelham was too very close to where I used to live (stortford)
  5. My first big bike was a b reg Suzuki gs550es in silver and red the thing was the same age as I was
  6. Nah its definitely rugby for me been watching and playing it for nigh on 23 years , I can't get my head round merican football it just doesn't make sense to my common sense British ways of thinking
  7. Can't be many of you old codgers left nowadays eh pete
  8. I much prefer leathers to textiles i don't know why I have always been the same from when I started riding its always been leather rather than tex
  9. Its a very hard life up near the Arctic circle
  10. Currently working in this
  11. But you have long forgotten what that is pete stop living in the past
  12. Too worried that the people who know you would push you in?
  13. I'd have found his barge and cut the ropes
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