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  1. You not had your collar felt yet @Six30.
  2. Is that trooper or blooper @XTreme
  3. Six deserves all he gets the book head, no heard or seen nothing of Clive, it’s a shame with him living quite close we could have had a few meet ups but looks like it won’t happen now, I can’t think of anything I’ve done to upset him either, Bermuda Triangle that’s a place you could really lose yourself.
  4. Yeah they open the padded ell every couple of days Pete.
  5. £69 for 600 and £96 for over 600 per year.
  6. He’s not old ancient more like.
  7. I know I was one of the five @Bruce.
  8. Yeah he did tell me that you had.
  9. No he never replied to my text I believe he blocked my phone number as well.
  10. You would be lonely if you got no replies.
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