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  1. I kept my 907 at a storage place years ago. When someone didn't pay they just threw the shit in the dumpster. I left one night with a set of golf clubs (gave to a buddy), a trombone (sold for a couple hundred bucks), and some other stuff.
  2. I bought a lawnmower last night, yard's getting out of control. Woke up to snow this morning. Fack me. Turned to rain soon enough though, so while it never got dry enough to mow, I don't have to slit my wrists like Earache. SO I've got that going for me. But he never has to mow, so he's got THAT going for HIM. Didn't get jack shit done working from home today though. Have a lot due tomorrow. A certain automotive OEM has been bitching about getting some files for weeks. I only turn in requests for that shit, I don't do the work, so have zero control over when they get it. I've
  3. Sounds like you got your Sena or whatever you have working? Or does Phil just talk to himself? I haven't even finished installing mine yet, let alone figured out how to use it...
  4. DesmoDog

    Old sayings.

    A guy at work is fond of "you cum gurgling bug fucker". I doubt it's old but it cracks me up.
  5. My day today. Today I had a little talk with a guy from Homeland Security. After a fiasco at work I was running late but still managed to ignore the GPS when it tried to send me the wrong way. Pulled up to the gate and my IQ dropped about 50 points. Directions said to press the button and await instructions. I pushed the button and nothing happened. Pushed it again. Then saw the big arrow pointing to the button as I had been pushing the camera lens. Alrighty then. Followed directions to the parking sopt, then called the number to say I was there. They called back, asked if I was in
  6. You can do it! No, really, I've seen it. Eeewwwwww......
  7. Have you tried turning it off and back on again?
  8. DesmoDog

    Digging out

    Post a pic of the Yamahopper!
  9. They're out there, but most are '65 and later. I've got two of in my basement at the moment, sold a third one, but mine are common models (Monza and Monza Jr). Those in the picture are pretty rare models over here.
  10. Sign me up for the three narrowcase Ducatis please.
  11. Is it possible to post pics on this site using code? As in, I have a bunch of pics hosted on my website. Typically when I post any of them on a forum I paste the link to their location with image tags. But unless I'm mistaken I can't do that here? Kind of a bummer because for a lot of things I know where they are on my site, but not whichever hard drive they may be on at home... Hmm... I just clicked the "Other MEdia" option and found I coul dpost links, but they have to be from an https source... I never upgraded and am still at http so probably not gonna work. Oh well...
  12. Considering they show a video of it on a dyno and describe it as being strapped to a Dynojet I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's rear wheel HP... Not that it matters, that's pretty low for a 1.7L engine in 2021 no matter where it's measured. And as long as I'm being bitchy... they claim "We strapped the Softail Slim to our in-house Dynojet 250i dyno, recording horsepower and torque measurements..." yet a Dynojet measures neither torque nor horsepower. Being an inertia dyno it measures the time it takes to spin up the roller and calculates the rest. An
  13. @Earache Hey! Those look familiar... I still haven't tried printing them in flexible material but I'm getting closer... Here's the set I printed for Earache. Not sure why he chose this color but I don't judge...
  14. I'll take a pass on this one... I haven't ridden with snow on the ground since I lived in Indiana. That's been over 20 years now, still have snow here, don't feel the need to ride in it!
  15. Nah, it's not that bad. You just have to get the stepless plane on the crank/central shaft pair right first, then build from there. So all you need is time. And of course shims. And the tool to pull the bearing cups to replace the shims. And remember to install the central shaft before putting the case halves together. And then set the stepless planes on the cams. And don't go back to tweak the main gear later cuz if you do you have to redo everything above it. And make sure you get the timing right, keep in mind the timing dots only line up once every six revolution. That assumes y
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