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  2. Pedro

    Nowhere Man!

    Could do a lot worse for a regular local road!
  3. Just tyring to teach posters----} how to start new threads! If you dont use buttons, do you really know they work and who knew the gif;s shrink too...
  4. The new new is 30% cheaper to make too...or cheaply made....butt, i digress, almost said i Bruce butt, i caught myself. Speaking of Bruce, dont show him this chit.
  5. Looks great and shit as it is as least they give you an area with a perimeter. We’ve had to ‘stay local’ which means only a few miles from home. Even Boris got a pasting for leisure cycling 7 miles as many deemed that too far! And as you say it is beautiful where you are
  6. 19c and blue skies.....but not allowed to go anywhere! So it was ride the roads I'm allowed to ride once again. I can't go nowhere! Obviously that's better than this time last year when I couldn't leave the house......but it's still frustrating to only be able to ride in one direction (north) all the time. Any other direction and it's turn round and come back after 3 or 4 miles. And we've now had 10 weeks of this so far this year! Still.....if I've got to be locked into a town, then this place is a damn sight better than the shithole I was born in.
  7. Some epic riding stuff in these reports. The colour of those school buildings are fantastic and that was a great bit of youtube of the goats moving about in the tree. I suppose we’re just not used to seeing cattle in trees, may as well have been an episode of the magic roundabout with cows up there! We have a lot of wild goats in Cheddar George and when they’re clinging to the rock face on the road above you you can’t help but feel wary ones about to ping off! Here’s a of one of them looming over the road below and one silly billy that simply went to far. They climb trees too.
  8. Today
  9. I wouldn’t like to imagine how slippery that shiny tarmac is when it’s raining and did that lorry have enough bales precariously balanced?!
  10. No stale urine here, super fresh due to the amount of poxy water I'm having to drink.
  11. There isnt one fuckin ant alive around here today, eat my food will ya,pffft!
  12. And I ain't helping matters much......I hit 67 in 11 days time!
  13. It's like a fucking Old Peoples Home here now! And the stink of mothballs and stale urine isn't helping our Google positioning one bit!
  14. I hate when that happens...cause my proterty taxes go up.
  15. Great pic of a Grasshopper, you’re right it doesn’t look real! Hope Cappuccino is still there for a visit when I get there although I’m guessing Morocco food labelling laws are non existent and it’s a Coeliacs nightmare Looks like you had a blast regardless
  16. I want to say "sir" now allot, ffs!
  17. Yeah !! well he can fuck off back to London, we don't need those fuckers around here, all the house prices will shoot up
  18. Been out this morning and back in time for MotoGP.
  19. Tym


    Some humans have way greater R-values than Other's...i get cold even when its kinda warm.
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