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  2. I wouldn’t like to imagine how slippery that shiny tarmac is when it’s raining and did that lorry have enough bales precariously balanced?!
  3. No stale urine here, super fresh due to the amount of poxy water I'm having to drink.
  4. There isnt one fuckin ant alive around here today, eat my food will ya,pffft!
  5. And I ain't helping matters much......I hit 67 in 11 days time!
  6. It's like a fucking Old Peoples Home here now! And the stink of mothballs and stale urine isn't helping our Google positioning one bit!
  7. I hate when that happens...cause my proterty taxes go up.
  8. Great pic of a Grasshopper, you’re right it doesn’t look real! Hope Cappuccino is still there for a visit when I get there although I’m guessing Morocco food labelling laws are non existent and it’s a Coeliacs nightmare Looks like you had a blast regardless
  9. I want to say "sir" now allot, ffs!
  10. Yeah !! well he can fuck off back to London, we don't need those fuckers around here, all the house prices will shoot up
  11. Been out this morning and back in time for MotoGP.
  12. Tym


    Some humans have way greater R-values than Other's...i get cold even when its kinda warm.
  13. CB's in cars are gay!
  14. Latest breaking news from the BBC! Hugh Grant spotted in Frome bakery
  15. Smokey doesn’t care if you’re on two wheels, four, or eighteen!
  16. I thought it was just for the car!
  17. Specs


    I have a jacket which rarely gets used, and the heated grips do their job most of the time. Weren’t needed yesterday.
  18. Specs


    Quite warm except for near the sea.
  19. Specs


    I think that the recent cold snap has knocked the greenery back a bit.
  20. Ya, did a review too!
  21. is that a CB on it Tym?
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