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  2. No Michelle.....you're on first......you've got the offroad perspective!
  3. Coming back after a 4-day hike/ climb in the Val Clemgia to a snowed-over bike. Pass da Costainas near Alp Champatsch/Alp Astras Tamangur, Switzerland, mid-August 1980. The tiny Honda dragged two ~6ft adults plus 2 full-sized backpacks/ ropes + full rock-climbing hardware / crampons/ tent/bags/pot+pans etc. down the steep, grassy slopes and alpine farm tracks back to Scuol. Only 9 months later it re-emerged from a camper-van in Melbourne/ Australia to spend the rest of its days on dusty Australian paddocks. Wish we'd never sold the little thing, every one of it's 50cc's was
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  5. Some Euro-Alps nature... Col de Tende, Ligurian Ridge French-Italian border of the Mediterranean Alps Ortler-group of mountains, from Passo di Stelvio, Italy the "must-have" shot.... yes, rideable! Grand Muveran and Les Diablerets ranges for the background. Col de la Croix de Cœur, Wallis/ Valais Southern Switzerland The Roof of Europe Mont Blanc Massif The ski-hub of Verbier in the valley to the left Switzerland
  6. That is what I thought to, then things just got out of control! Go figure around here!
  7. Sofia looks way cooler then some weird Canadian hick chick that never goes anywhere. So feel free to use her photos instead. I get it! I can wait, whatever you think works best for the forum.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Looks like my bars will be delivered Tuesday!
  10. Bull: look at my girl's udders again and I'll give you two new arseholes.
  11. Yep, send me your bank details, sort code and your PIN and I think we have a deal
  12. I'll do you a deal Clive! Bung me half of what you bunged them......and I'll ignore you! Think of the money you're saving! Any other members up to ignoring Clive while trousering a few quid in the process?
  13. Great Pedro......keep those handy cos we can use something from Sofia after Michelle's promotion.
  14. A few of @Sofia on the Speed Triple, on the last one it was proper dusty after a very powdery track:
  15. without test riding one, the only criticism is that Fugly front end,,, two other things spring to my mind though, why chain drive and not shaft? Is all the high tech engine widgitry not going to limit potential usage to places ahere high tech widgetry freindly service centres are available? I imagine that ( despite the rhetoric) the actual target market is the US rider who would like a GS but would also like US made and will mostly ride on road, but enjoys the possibility of trails ( and lets face it this is a majority of "adventure bike" riders) and won't ever actually need a b
  16. @Mawsley didn't do any ride reports on another forum as I recall.......they just didn't get his sense of humour. Come to think of it I don't think they got anybody's sense of humour really. But they got dosh off @Clive........and then ignored him!
  17. No you weren't you pervert......you just wanted to get @Grasshopper's Ride's attention with your unsightly erection!
  18. I took another which i thought was a better shot it looked blurred but i din't have my glasses on at the time so thought it was my eyes until i got home bloody camera focused on the branch in front
  19. No.....the smartest thing you did was get rid of that fucking stupid mullet Scott!
  20. Same here with the Madrid twats......but they're all locked in now.
  21. Now I'm going to have to search the ouebe for further ( previous) adventures to read, I was giggling so hard at that one that I had to translate for Madame...
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